The British Government’s Biggest International Campaign In The United Statesbiggest intertaional

The United Kingdom government has launched a national campaign to try and tell Americans what the country stands for. The British countryside is full of postcard-friendly sweeping vistas, lovely little villages filled with history, bed & breakfasts, Michelin-starred restaurants, castles – that’s all Brits know and the US edition is supposed to reflect this.

Introduction to the British Government Biggest International Campaign

Welcome to the British Government Biggest International Campaign blog! Here you will find all the latest news and updates on the campaign, as well as helpful tips and advice on how you can get involved.

The British Government’s Biggest International Campaign is a initiative to raise awareness of the UK’s work around the world, and to encourage people to get involved in supporting it.

The campaign was launched in March 2019, and since then has been rolled out across the United States. It has seen success in raising awareness of the UK’s work in areas such as humanitarian aid, development, security and diplomacy.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news on the campaign, or learn more about how you can support it, then be sure to check back here regularly! The original video, which you can see below, is one of four taking part in the campaign. You can view all of them on Youtube here, and read breaking news stories here.

Why is this campaign necessary?

The British government is spending millions of pounds on a campaign to promote the UK in the United States. The aim is to shore up support for the ‘special relationship’ between the two countries, and to try and influence American public opinion on Brexit.

The campaign will use online advertising, social media and PR in a bid to reach millions of Americans. It will focus on the benefits of the UK-US relationship, and try to convince people that a strong partnership is in both countries’ best interests.

There are many reasons why this campaign is necessary. Firstly, Brexit has left the UK feeling somewhat isolated on the world stage. The US is one of our closest allies, and it is essential that we maintain that relationship. Secondly, there is a lot of misinformation about the UK circulating in the US at the moment, and this campaign will attempt to correct some of that. Finally, with negotiations on a future trade deal between the UK and US set to begin soon, it is vital that we make a good impression with American policymakers and businesses.

All in all, this campaign is about strengthening ties between two important Allies, and making sure that the UK is seen in a positive light by Americans.

How does social media help?

Social media has become a key tool for the British government in its biggest international campaign in the United States. The #Great Britain Campaign, which launched last week, is the first of its kind from any foreign government and is designed to showcase all that is good about Britain.

The social media component of the campaign is being overseen by British diplomat and former Twitter exec, Alex Macgillivray. He believes that social media can be a powerful tool to share positive stories and counter negative perceptions.

So far, the campaign has been a great success, with over 1 million tweets using the #GreatBritain hashtag. The British Embassy in Washington has also seen a significant increase in website traffic and engagement on their social media channels.

The British government is hoping that this campaign will help improve its image in the United States and deepen the already strong relationship between our two countries.

Which social networks has the UK govt been using?

The British government has been using social media to reach out to the American public and promote its policies. The most active platforms have been Twitter and Facebook, but the government has also used LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.


In light of Britain’s impending departure from the European Union, the British government has refocused its efforts on maintaining strong relationships with its non-EU trading partners, including the United States. The United Kingdom is seeking to position itself as a reliable and stable trade partner for the United States, and this campaign is a key part of that effort. With negotiations between the UK and US already underway, this campaign is an important step in ensuring that trade between our two countries continues to thrive after Brexit.