Venice To Check the Register Commitment for Tourist

The latest figure from the city authorities of Venice show that August is good so far with an increase of 12% more tourists vs. the same period last year, including a peak in the first days of this month (at about 60% of all visitors). But it’s precisely during these peaks that go poorly in order to guarantee accommodation (at least 100% guaranteed) for every tourist who wants to visit Venetian architecture, food and shopping.


Venice is one of the unique famous tourist places in the universe. Every year, millions of people visit Venice to enjoy its canals, architecture, and history. However, Venice is also a very crowded city, and this can often lead to problems for residents and tourists alike. To help alleviate some of these issues, the city has introduced a new “tourist register” which all visitors will need to sign before they are able to enter Venice.

The register will collect basic information about each visitor, such as their name, address, and dates of stay. This information will be used by the city in order to help manage the flow of people through Venice and make sure that everyone enjoys their visit. The register is not mandatory, but the city is strongly encouraging all visitors to sign up.

We hope that this new measure will help make Venice a more enjoyable place for everyone!


The issue of whether or not Venice should require all tourists to register in advance has been a hotly debated one in recent years. Some believe that this would help to control the number of visitors to the city and prevent overcrowding, while others argue that it would be an unnecessary burden on tourists.

In 2018, the Italian government issued a decree mandating that all tourists staying in Venice for more than three days must register with the city. This requirement was later overturned by a court, but the debate over how to best manage tourism in Venice continues.

The city of Venice is once again considering a proposal to require all tourists to register in advance of their visit. This time, the proposed measure is being called the “commitment registry” and would require tourists to confirm their intention to visit Venice and agree to certain terms and conditions.

If implemented, the commitment registry would be an important step in managing tourism in Venice and helping to preserve the city’s unique character. It would also send a strong message to visitors that they are expected to respect the city and its residents.

Landscape of Venice and its future

Venice is a city unlike any other. Built on a network of canals, Venice is a place where the past and present come together in perfect harmony.

Despite its beauty and history, Venice is facing some serious challenges. The city is slowly sinking, and its infrastructure is aging. These problems are compounded by the millions of tourists who visit Venice every year.

The Venetian government has proposed a new law that would require tourists to register with the city before they can enter. This “tourist tax” would help to offset the cost of upkeep for Venice’s landmarks and help to fund much-needed repairs.

Critics argue that the tourist tax would be unfair to visitors and could discourage tourism. Others say that it is necessary to protect Venice’s unique heritage. What do you think?

What is a motivation for the new pledge?

The city of Venice has seen an influx of tourists in recent years, and officials are now requiring all visitors to sign a pledge to respect the city’s culture and traditions. The new measure is intended to help preserve the city’s unique character and keep tourists from causing damage or overcrowding.

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How to register

In order to ensure that all tourists are aware of the Venice Commitment, the city of Venice is making it mandatory for all visitors to register upon arrival.

Registration is simple and can be done either online or at one of the city’s many tourists information points. Once registered, you will receive a paper copy of the commitment, which must be signed and returned upon departure.

The Venice Commitment is a set of guidelines that all tourists should follow in order to help preserve the city’s unique heritage. By signing the commitment, tourists are pledging to respect Venice and its residents, and to act responsibly during their stay.

We hope that all tourists will take the time to register and sign the Venice Commitment. By doing so, you will be helping to protect one of the world’s most treasured cities.


The Venice City Council has voted to introduce a new measure that will require all tourists to register their commitment to respect the city’s rules before being allowed to enter. The move is designed to help crack down on bad behavior by tourists, who have been blamed for everything from leaving trash in the streets to damaging ancient buildings.

Whether or not this new measure will be effective remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction when it comes to managing tourist numbers and ensuring that those who do visit respect Venice’s heritage and culture.